Debut album, You Missed It All, just around the corner…

Over the past several months, I’ve had the enormous privilege of recording my first album with some of the most talented musicians and best humans I know:

Everett LaRoi – electric guitar
Scott Zubot – violin

Tom Murray – electric & upright bass

Mike Silverman – drums, percussion

In my opinion, there’s no better way to spend a snowy winter than to hunker down in your (mostly) warm house and make a record. Everett, who is recording and producing this album, successful transformed my basement into a recording studio. We spent several frosty weekends laying down bed tracks and making the most of all corners of the house. We discovered what Everett’s guitar sounds like playing through an amp in the bathtub, ate our collective weight in Italian sandwiches and ran the space heater until the cord melted. Bliss.

The months that followed have involved trips to Everett’s home studio for over-dubs and mixing. We’re getting oh-so-close to completion, and I’m really pleased with how things sound so far.

Stay tuned…


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