GigCity calls You Missed It All the #1 Edmonton album of 2012

Well I’ll be! Here’s what GigCity had to say about You Missed It All on their Top 10 Edmonton albums of 2012 list:

#1 – Alice Kos, You Missed It All

“And the women of Edmonton take the top spots of 2012! This debut album, released back in January, is a near-perfect collection. Her music is inescapably complex, bittersweet and catchy at the same time, with just enough experimentation to enrapture the listener. Her bevy of influences, from the end of a marriage to volunteering in Africa, is controlled and coalesced by Everett LaRoi, who recorded, mixed and produced the album, and who’s also been Alice’s guitar teacher since 2007. You can also catch the pair performing from time to time in Edmonton under the name Goldtop.”

Thank you, GigCity!! I’m in good company on this list. Check out the full article here.

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