Goldtop: new duo project feat. Alice Kos & Everett LaRoi

Goldtop in 3D - photo by Fish Griwkowsky

Goldtop in 3D – photo by Fish Griwkowsky

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Goldtop, a new(ish) musical duo featuring Everett LaRoi and yours truly. We officially formed as Goldtop in late 2012 after Ev and I toured eastern Canada as a duo, sharing stages at the Blacksheep Inn (Wakefield, QC) and the Dakota Tavern (Toronto) with Lone Justice co-founder Marvin Etzioni, a Los Angeles-based songwriter/producer who also happened to inspire our name.

Since the beginning of 2013, we’ve played nearly a dozen live dates, including the FAVA Gala (Metro Theatre), The Works Art & Design Festival, the Alberta Legislature Canada Day celebrations and Hey Ladies! (The Roxy Theatre). We’ve also been givin ‘er in the studio, working on our debut album, You Possess Me, to be released in 2014. You can hear some rough mixes on our website, and check out our album teaser while you’re at it…

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