“The #1 Edmonton album of 2012…a near-perfect collection. Her music is inescapably complex, bittersweet and catchy at the same time, with just enough experimentation to enrapture the listener.” (GigCity)

“(A) sensational and scintillating singer-songwriter, whose music has plenty of unexpected twists and turns, and has been acclaimed by practically any media that’s taken a listen.” (Michael Senchuk, GigCity)

“(Kos’s) songs hold together strong as an album that delivers on the promise of its opening notes.” (Eden Munro, VUE)

“She bursts with an energy that lights up the room.” (Fish Griwkowsky, The Edmonton Journal)

It may have taken close to two years for Alice Kos to finish her debut album You Missed It All, but this certainly wasn’t due to idleness or want for inspiration.

The 29-year-old, Edmonton-born singer-songwriter packed a lot of experiences into that time, including a four-month volunteer shift in Africa and the end of a five-year marriage to her high school sweetheart. Such events can’t help but mark a person. If her initial forays into songwriting showed promise, the batch that tumbled out during her life upheaval were kinetic with passion; because of this, You Missed It All is an elegiac debut that is suffused with regret, anger and tenderness.

Albums don’t just happen in a vacuum, however; Kos’s musical partner from the beginning has been Everett LaRoi (Idyl Tea, manraygun), her guitar teacher since 2007. The friendship that developed led to Kos showing her earliest songs to LaRoi. Eventually the two assembled a band of veterans (Tom Murray, bass; Mike Silverman, drums; Scott Zubot, violin), and began work on You Missed It All. The full-grown sound the five developed suited the melancholy nature of the album, with hymn-like organ drones seeping into ambient mutterings, clangorous, messy feedback rockers bumping against gentle acoustic reveries.

You Missed It All was recorded, mixed and produced by Everett LaRoi.

RIYL: Cowboy Junkies, Mojave 3, Galaxie 500, Isobel Campbell, Pieta Brown

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