GigCity calls You Missed It All the #1 Edmonton album of 2012

Well I’ll be! Here’s what GigCity had to say about You Missed It All on their Top 10 Edmonton albums of 2012 list: #1 – Alice Kos, You Missed It All “And the women of Edmonton take the top spots of 2012! This debut album, released back in January, is a near-perfect collection. Her music […]

CD release

Happy New Year, friends! 2012 is already shaping up to be an exciting year. Within a matter of days I’ll have the finished product of our new album in my hot little hands. We’re going to play a couple of release shows this and next month (January 20th at the Palomino in Calgary, and February […]

It’s all happening!

Final mixes are done! They are now in the hands of the very fine folks at Golden Mastering in Ventura, California. I am deeply grateful to Everett “Gibbs” LaRoi (recording engineer and producer extraordinaire) for his tireless work on this album. Working with Ev has been pure pleasure, and his sincere investment in this project […]