Goldtop: new duo project feat. Alice Kos & Everett LaRoi

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Goldtop, a new(ish) musical duo featuring Everett LaRoi and yours truly. We officially formed as Goldtop in late 2012 after Ev and I toured eastern Canada as a duo, sharing stages at the Blacksheep Inn (Wakefield, QC) and the Dakota Tavern (Toronto) with Lone Justice co-founder Marvin Etzioni, a Los Angeles-based songwriter/producer […]

Eastern Canadian tour with Lone Justice’s Marvin Etzioni

Best first eastern Canadian tour of my career. Marvin and I shared a number of dates in Quebec and Ontario, including shows at the magical Black Sheep in Wakefield and The Dakota Tavern in Toronto. Meeting, hearing and performing with Marvin was an honor and an incredibly memorable experience. His live performances were nothing short […]

Vancouver! Wakefield! Toronto!

Heading to Vancouver to play a few shows with the indomitable Sarah Wheeler and the dark ‘n dreamy Mark Davis. We’re at Darby’s Pub on September 1st, and Guilt & Co. on September 2nd. Come say hi! I’m also very excited to announce a number of eastern Canadian dates, all of which I will share […]